Shire Horse Breeders Australia dedicated to promoting the Shire Horse in Australia

Shire Horse Breeders Australia is a Non-for-Profit organisation, established in 2004, to promote this rare breed, increase the number of Shire Horses in Australia, and to build a community of people who either own a Shire horse or just love the magnificent breed.

We are running an annual breed show where Shire Horse owners can showcase their Shires in led, harness, ridden and working classes, and where breeders can promote their studs through exhibits carrying their prefix. Our quarterly Newsletter informs of the happenings and endeavours of like-minded Shire enthusiasts. It provides information on breeding/foaling; horse health/wellbeing as well as training, and it shares experiences and stories of fellow Shire owners.

We offer assistance to breeders wishing to register their horse/s with the Parent Studbook in the UK, our Committee members are only a message or phone call away should you ever need any help.

You don’t have to breed or own Shire Horses to be an Associate member.


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