Shire Horse Breeders Australia Inc.


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Shire Horse Breeders Australia Inc. is a group of like minded people who are dedicated to the preservation of the Shire horse in Australia. The group was incorporated in 2005 to help Shire horse owners promote the Shire horse breed as a group to major show societies and to the general horse industry throughout Australia. Our members register their Shires with the Shire Horse Society in the UK who were established in 1878 and maintain the ‘mother’ Stud Book for registered Shires. We follow the Breed Standards and Registration Rules as set by that Society. Our Society actively lobbies local and royal show societies to ensure the Shire horse is able to be exhibited in a way that complements and promotes the Shire horse as the versatile breed that it is. Shire Horse Breeders Australia Inc. holds a National Shire Horse show every second year which is designed for all Shire horse owners to exhibit and display this wonderful breed. The Committee and members of our Society have many years of experience in breeding and owning Shire horses and are only too willing to offer assistance to both existing and new Shire horse owners and breeders.

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Breed Standard

Difference between Shire and Clydesdale